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If you need to have your trees or shrubs trimmed, our experienced professionals can get the job done. Our services include removing dead wood and clearing away structures that are blocking the growth of your trees and bushes. Thinning out trees help promote the tree’s health. Let us do this for you.


Trimming trees involves more than just lopping of a few limbs that are close to the ground. It is a thorough pruning of the tree to maintain its health and beauty. Tree trimming will enhance the attractiveness of your yard and help make your trees safe. It will also prolong the life of your trees. Timberland Tree Service has the experience and knowledge to give you a quality job that will gain your complete satisfaction – which is our goal.


After your trees have been trimmed, our staff will remove all the debris and make sure that your property is in excellent condition. You won’t even know that it was done by looking at your yard. All you will see is a finely manicured tree that you will be able to enjoy for years to come. Call Timberland Tree Service today for your entire tree trimming needs.


Tree service!

"Thanks so much, you always do a great job. All the folks we have told about how good you are have been so pleased as well.

Thanks again!”

- Sharon and Larry

When it comes to trimming your trees, let Timberland Tree Services take care of it for you. Our expert professionals have the skills and knowledge to complete your project.

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Quality work by Charles Hardin


Walla Walla, WA

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Quality work by Charles Hardin